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Committee Chairman's Blog 4 April 2014

This week has gone a long way to highlighting how frustrating the European machine can be.  It had me chasing Commission officials through the corridors of power this week but leaves me no clearer on crucial CAP issues.I have been attending the Working Parties on Cereals and Oilseeds and Proteins Advisory group since I took on the role of Combinable Crop Chair three years ago.These meetings are quarterly and made up of working farmers and Policy Professionals from all the EU farming unions which make up Copa (European Farmers) and Cogeca (European Agri- Cooperatives)
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Committee Chairman Blog 24 February 2014

The arable regions may make up a smaller part of Scotland’s geographical area, but they punch above their weight in economic terms. And a good CAP deal for the sector must be in the Scottish Government’s best interests writes Andrew Moir, chairman of NFU Scotland's Combinable Crops committee.
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President's Blog 20 January 2014

The Regional AGM circuit ends in Orkney this week, following hard on the Union’s CAP roadshows in December.In the past two months, the Union will have engaged with more than 1500 members on future CAP implementation at these events.It is apparent that the temperature has changed over the last few weeks as the real impact of CAP reform has been calculated out on farm.
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President's Blog - 17 December 2013

The snow rolled back in April but left the fields grey, bare and trapped in winter. Stretched feedstocks were supplemented by expensive compounds to bridge stock onto scarce grass; fertiliser applications failed to inject vitality into crops that had much of their promise soaked away by months of rain. However, the heat of June transformed Scotland’s landscape with an explosion of growth; creating intense and vibrant blocks of green. The stubborn scars of 2012 were suddenly overwhelmed by leaf reaching out for more light.
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Vice President's Blog - 28 October 2013

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.  I had the arduous task of joining 200 delegates in Mexico City for the 36th North America/European Union Agricultural conference.  It wasn’t all tequila and sightseeing.  This biannual event crammed in debate on agricultural policy developments, WTO and bilateral agreements, challenges to increasing sustainable production, PO’s and risk management, Foreign and financial sector farmland ownership and incentives for investment in the agricultural sector.
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President's Blog 15 October 2013

Is the Scottish livestock industry prepared for a Foot and Mouth outbreak?Even contemplating the possibility will send shivers through Scottish livestock producers but given that we are in ‘peace time’ and don’t face such a challenge, now is the time to consider our contingency plansThe aftermath of the catastrophic 2001 outbreak highlighted particular risk factors and some of these issues were still risk factors in 2007 when the FMD virus leaked from Pirbright. They were:Slow identification or diagnosis of disease.
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This week has gone a long way to highlighting how frustrating the European machine can be.  It... 

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