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Director of Policy's Blog - 24 May 2019

2030…We have a decade to change but how do we meet the targets set for food production and the environment asks Director of Policy, Jonnie Hall?



Director of Policy's Blog - 21 February 2019

The Fallacy of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul – Director of Policy Jonnie Hall discusses the dangers of pitting different sectors against each other over support.



Director of Policy's Blog - 26 November 2018

As things stand, the UK will ‘leave’ the EU on 29 March. But in effect, that date simply starts what is known as the time-limited ‘implementation period’ to 31 December 2020.



Director of Policy's Blog - 1 October 2018

It is beyond doubt that the Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme (LFASS) is one of the most critical strands of support for Scottish agriculture. ‘Lifeline’ payments under LFASS, to over 11,000 farms and crofts on a non-competitive annual basis, often hold the key to the viability of agricultural businesses and the livelihoods of those who actively work Scotland’s more disadvantaged and often most remote landscapes. In doing so, LFASS underpins so much more – including the very fabric of many rural communities.



Director of Policy's Blog - 21 September 2018

One week on from the publication of the Agriculture Bill and we are still digesting the detail writes Director of Policy Jonnie Hall.



Director of Policy and Member Services Blog - 30 August 2017

When it comes to facts on rural development budgets, it is important we cut through the politics writes Director of Policy and Member Services, Jonnie Hall.



Director of Policy's Blog - 31 January 2017

Headline farm income figures may suggest things are turning around but they always require careful interpretation writes NFU Scotland's Director of Policy Jonnie Hall.



Director of Policy's Blog 19 September 2016

As thinking on the future design of agricultural policy in the UK and Scotland begins to emerge, a fundamental policy choice has resurfaced in the wake of the EU referendum.Should we go back to the future – decoupled or coupled support?First and foremost, the UK will REMAIN a Member State of the European Union until it is not! Until such times as Brexit is complete, farm support will still be governed by the current Common Agricultural Policy, and all that goes with it by way of budgets, compliance, inspections and all.  



Director of Policy's Blog - 10 November 2015

While the agricultural and animal health sectors in the UK focus on the scale and impact of budget cuts on Defra, of greater importance to Scotland may be the level of reduction in our total share of UK funding.From discussions with Scottish Government, there seems little doubt that the UK cuts will have a significant impact on Scotland’s pot.Given the Scottish Government’s stated commitments to priorities like health and education, savings will have to be found across a range of other policy areas.



Scotland’s New CAP Package – Where Are We Now? - 10 June 2015

Scotland’s New CAP Package – Where Are We Now? A year has flown by since Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead MSP stood up in the Scottish Parliament and, after four years of European and domestic deliberation and negotiation, set out Scotland’s CAP package in fifteen minutes.


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About The Author

Jonnie Hall

NFU Scotland’s Director of Policy Jonnie Hall has been involved with agricultural and rural policy for more than 30 years. He is a graduate of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (BSc. Honours in Agricultural Economics and an M.Phil. in agricultural policy research) and Oxford University (MSc. in Agricultural Economics). Following an academic and consultancy career, Jonnie joined what was the Scottish Landowners’ Federation in January 1998, leading their policy work on agriculture and land use issues. Jonnie then joined NFU Scotland in May 2007, and has overall responsibility for the policy work of NFU Scotland as Director of Policy and Member Services. He has served on all key rural and agricultural policy stakeholder groups.

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