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President's Blog - 8 August 2019

Brexit uncertainty does not change the major problems in Scottish farming that must be grappled with and resolved writes President Andrew McCornick.



President's Blog - 24 July 2019

Farmers need a full toolkit to feed the world, that is according to President Andrew McCornick who is taking aim at the EU’s hazard based approach to regulating plant protection products.



President's Blog - 11 July 2019

Action is needed to reduce the injury and death rate on Scotland’s farms and crofts, writes NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick.



President's Blog - 3 July 2019

As the saying goes: “nothing ventured, nothing gained” writes President Andrew McCornick having extended an invite to the two candidates vying to be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to meet with NFUS.



President's Blog - 30 May 2019

The failed proposed merger of ASDA and Sainsburys has set the fur flying in Westminster and the role of the Grocery Code Adjudicator (GCA) has been at the centre of the debate writes NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick.



President's Blog - 23 January 2019

With the NFU Scotland Conference, AGM and Annual Dinner fast approaching, President Andrew McCornick sets out the reasons why he believes it is a must attend for any member and the highlight of the NFU Scotland events calendar.



President's Blog - 14 January 2019

We are facing a ‘deal’ or ‘no deal’ Brexit or some fudge in-between writes NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick.



President's Blog - 10 October 2018

There is no question that we are facing significantly more volatility in our industry than ever before, and these levels of volatility are more extreme. Weather plays a big part on how we manage our businesses and mitigating for that should be a part of our view on how we plan ahead. That very same weather can impact on our market as well and, again, can either add another challenge or an opportunity.



President's Blog - 23 August

Following the decision from Europe that gene editing is to be treated as a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), President Andrew McCornick believes that some decision makers could do with a science lesson.



President's Blog - 1 August

This year has been exceptional and volatile weather is having an impact that no one could have predicted writes Andrew McCornick


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About The Author

Andrew McCornick

Andrew, who is married with three sons and a daughter, was born and brought up on a dairy farm in Wigtown. Andrew and wife Janice farm their 230+ ha unit with 160 suckler cows and 600 breeding ewes with a small herd of pedigree Charolais cattle. Andrew's sons farm a nearby tenanted unit which frequently provides replacement breeding stock for Barnbackle. For as long as Andrew can remember, he has been a member of the Union, and got more involved when the consultation for Nithsdale NVZ came out. From there he went onto become vice chairman of the Dumfries branch, and then onto his previous role of Regional Board Chairman for Dumfries and Galloway. He also sat on the LFASS committee. Andrew was elected Vice President in February 2015.

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