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Vice President's Blog - 25 September 2017

Politicians and policy makers must ensure that whilst we as a union are keen to drive 'change', too much would put at risk what we already have writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Vice President Blog

Over the past week, Scottish and UK Governments have been trying to convince us that support payments will be guaranteed after Brexit writes Vice President Gary Mitchell.



Director of Policy and Member Services Blog - 30 August 2017

When it comes to facts on rural development budgets, it is important we cut through the politics writes Director of Policy and Member Services, Jonnie Hall.



President's Blog - 28 August 2017

We are having a real ‘stop start’ harvest this year, and even when the ‘start’ happens, my travels round the country show that progress is very regional writes President Andrew McCornick.



President's Blog - 21 August 2017

The recent news regarding Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) being discovered in a couple of badgers in Cumbria has caused a stir of media interest igniting fears that TB might spread through wildlife across the border writes NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick.



Vice President's Blog - 16 August 2017

Farmers are vital to the survival of the Scottish show scene and the contribution of shows to local economies must never be underestimated writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



President's Blog - 14 August 2017

It seems like every week of the year now, NFU Scotland uses its communications channels – text messaging, emails, Facebook and Twitter – to alert farmers and crofters to criminal activity in the countryside and the need for vigilance and action on their part.



CEO's Blog - 9 August 2017

Strong language between North Korea and the United States of America is not unusual. Some would say that the language is for the benefit of the media and the soundbite world that we live in today. Each side needs to show its strength with neither wanting to be seen to back down. It is hoped that behind the scenes quiet diplomacy is working away to find how both sides can save face and ultimately move forward.



President's Blog - 20 July 2017

With the combines appearing in the fields of many areas of Scotland, and as farmers and crofters go about their busy days, it is the perfect recipe for accidents to happen. Once again, we are supporting Farm Safety Week, taking place from 24 to 28 July, with Scottish farmers telling their stories and the mistakes they have made, but fortunately have recovered with time.



Parliamentary Officer's Blog - 13 July 2017

One year on from Theresa May taking up residence in Downing Street - and on the same day as the UK Government’s flagship European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is introduced to Parliament - Parliamentary Officer Clare Slipper takes stock.


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