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Political Affairs Manager's Blog - 11 October 2018

It was a long haul but the UK Government’s Agriculture Bill received its second reading in the House of Commons yesterday (Wednesday 10 October) and Political Affairs Manager Claire Slipper has pored over the debate.



President's Blog - 10 October 2018

There is no question that we are facing significantly more volatility in our industry than ever before, and these levels of volatility are more extreme. Weather plays a big part on how we manage our businesses and mitigating for that should be a part of our view on how we plan ahead. That very same weather can impact on our market as well and, again, can either add another challenge or an opportunity.



Political Affairs Manager's Blog 5 October 2018

As the NFU Scotland continues to lobby at the very highest levels, Political Affairs Manager Clare Slipper discusses what the Union representatives did at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.



Director of Policy's Blog - 1 October 2018

It is beyond doubt that the Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme (LFASS) is one of the most critical strands of support for Scottish agriculture. ‘Lifeline’ payments under LFASS, to over 11,000 farms and crofts on a non-competitive annual basis, often hold the key to the viability of agricultural businesses and the livelihoods of those who actively work Scotland’s more disadvantaged and often most remote landscapes. In doing so, LFASS underpins so much more – including the very fabric of many rural communities.



Vice President's Blog - 27 September 2018

When it comes to conservation and the promotion of biodiversity, farmers and crofters must be part of the discussion writes NFU Scotland Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Director of Policy's Blog - 21 September 2018

One week on from the publication of the Agriculture Bill and we are still digesting the detail writes Director of Policy Jonnie Hall.



Livestock Chairman Blog - 14 September 2018

Planning ahead does not just mean one year at a time, as Livestock Chairman Charlie Adam explains.



Vice President's Blog - 7 September 2018

There is a burning issue with farm plastics. Vice President Martin Kennedy asks can you help?



Vice President's Blog - 28 August 2018

We are all now fully aware of the implications of the drought conditions we have just come through. Most livestock farmers are having to look at how they will get through the coming winter, it may be by having a ration planned out early enough or maybe looking at alternative sources of bedding and fodder to supplement what’s grown on the farm. Although many arable farmers are switching off the choppers on their combines, which is very much appreciated, there is still a real concern that supplies will be extremely tight going into the coming winter. One way or another the industry will pull together and get through this.



President's Blog - 23 August

Following the decision from Europe that gene editing is to be treated as a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), President Andrew McCornick believes that some decision makers could do with a science lesson.


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