It’s time to celebrate Love Lamb Week

It’s time to celebrate all things ‘lamb’ writes NFU Scotland’s Livestock Policy Manager Hannah Baker at the start of Love Lamb Week (1 – 7 September).

Now in its seventh year, the industry will once again unite to encourage consumers to add UK lamb to their weekly shop during its peak season and to promote the benefits of fresh, tasty, local, sustainable lamb more widely.

The celebratory campaign targets consumers, producers, chefs, butchers, retailers, and wider industry. This Love Lamb Week will also introduce the next wave of Quality Meat Scotland’s ‘Make it with Field Cred’ and AHDBs “We Eat Balanced” campaigns – both of which have contributed to rising red meat sales throughout 2021.

Here in Scotland, sheep and farming are almost synonymous.  Regardless of whether you live in the highlands or the lowlands, it is hard to look out at our currently sunny landscape without seeing sheep.  That is why celebrating such a local, sustainable product this week is a real opportunity for the industry.

I am sure everyone reading this will be keen to support the campaign, but in these current times where the focus, and some of the pressure on red meat, is around climate change this is an opportunity to reinforce the sustainable and welfare credentials of Scottish sheep farming and lamb production.

Let’s encourage consumers to appreciate the facts!

In the UK, 97 per cent of the water required to produce lamb falls from the sky (I might hasten to estimate this as 100% in Scotland!).

Across the UK, 70 per cent of sheep live on land that we can’t grow crops on, and in Scotland the majority of this is hill land with the grazing supporting biodiversity and carbon storage.

The weather and landscape in Scotland make it one of the most suitable places in the world to sustainably farm and produce lamb and we need to use every opportunity we get – including Love Lamb Week - to push that message to the consumer.

One of my own pet bandwagons in the whole climate change debate is the benefit of sourcing local produce without the import miles. And on top of all the sustainable credentials of Scotch Lamb, there are the nutritional benefits it brings to a balance diet and the fact it tastes good!

So, my small ask to anyone reading this, is that you try and do something to support Love Lamb Week.

It doesn’t have to be big.   You can encourage the shopper standing next to you in the butchers or the supermarket to try some Scotch Lamb. You can ask at your local restaurant if they use Scotch Lamb in their dishes.

If you use social media, then this week spread the word by using the hashtags #lovelamb and #LoveLambWeek.

And whatever you do, it’s an excellent excuse to rustle up something tasty with lamb in the kitchen – there are plenty of recipes on Simply Beef & Lamb, or information through AHDB, QMS or NSA if you need inspiration.

And we would love to see and share your creations!  Please send your photos or favourite recipes to and we can share them across our platforms.

Happy Love Lamb Week everyone!

Author: Hannah Baker

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