Agricultural Tenants Urged to Use Waygo Code

NFUS and Crown Estate Scotland join up to raise awareness amongst tenants

With the waygo amnesty now active, agricultural tenants are being urged by NFU Scotland and Crown Estate Scotland to consider if they have improvements which need to be notified to landlords.

NFUS and Crown Estate Scotland are urging agricultural tenants to be aware of the waygo amnesty for tenants’ improvements, and to consider if they have improvements which need to be notified.  To encourage uptake of the amnesty and raise awareness, Crown Estate Scotland’s Head of Property Andy Wells is writing to all agricultural tenants with a copy of the accompanying Code.

The amnesty, which was introduced by the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016, commenced on 13 June for three years. It allows landlords and tenants of 1991 Act, 2003 Act, and 2016 Act tenancies to seek to rectify any outstanding issues around notification of tenants’ improvements which should qualify for waygo compensation.

The Code of Practice has been produced by the Tenant Farming Commissioner Bob McIntosh in partnership with industry bodies such as NFU Scotland.

NFU Scotland Policy Manager Gemma Cooper commented: “NFU Scotland has been working with Crown Estate tenants for some time on the devolution of Crown Estate to Scotland. Both Crown Estate Scotland and its tenants are keen to promote best practice for relationships between landlords and tenants.

“The Tenant Farming Commissioner’s first Code has been produced to accompany the start of the amnesty, and the Union encourages landlords and tenants to familiarise themselves with this. During discussions around agricultural holdings it was clear that uncertainty over waygo was a key issue that required further consideration.

“NFU Scotland is pleased that Crown Estate is taking the lead in actively providing all of its agricultural tenants with a copy of the Code to allow them to make an informed decision about whether to utilise the amnesty.”

Andy Wells, Head of Property at Crown Estate Scotland, commented: “We are keen to work closely with tenants to resolve any outstanding matters regarding the notification of improvements, and hope that sending each tenant a copy of the Code will help in this process

“The Code provides clear guidance to help inform negotiations and we urge all our tenants to consider if there is a need to review, record and agree any improvements they have made as set out in the Code.”  

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