Argyll and Bute MP Visits Oban Livestock Centre

Brendan O’Hara MP was at the Oban Livestock Centre to mark the installation of a new community defibrillator

The Oban office for NFU Scotland and NFU Mutual organised Brendan O’Hara MP’s visit to the Oban Livestock Centre, which was celebrating 25 years since it’s opening, on Friday 17 May.

The local NFU Scotland office and NFU Mutual branch organised the visit to mark the significant refurbishment of their offices at Oban Livestock Centre which includes the newly installed community defibrillator.

Carrs Billington have recently completed the opening of a large agricultural supplies shop in the centre while United Auctions, the mart operators, have also enhanced their presence at Oban Livestock Centre over the past year.

Euan Warnock, NFU Scotland Branch Secretary, said “Since the very sad death of a well-known local farmer at a livestock sale in Dalmally, NFU Scotland have been committed to installing Community Defibrillators at all the local livestock marts, working closely with the Mart operators and other stakeholders to achieve this. The defibrillator will be registered with the emergency services who will assist by providing the access code in the event of an emergency”.

“After the launch of the defibrillator the MP met with a group of local farmers to discuss current issues of concern including the progress of Brexit negotiations in Westminster, the importance of the UK Agriculture Bill to Scotland’s farming sector and the real need for a long term commitment to a ring fenced multi-annual agricultural budget for Scotland.

“Mr O’Hara was keen to discuss his ideas for stimulating support for infrastructure investments in Argyll and Bute. Having recently been to the Faroe Islands Mr O’Hara was very impressed with the local governments ability to deliver bridges, tunnels and fibre optic broadband to the remotest parts of the islands overcoming the natural disadvantages of the islands and ensuring a viable future for the people who are committed to living in these smaller communities.”

Notes to Editor

  • The photo with the defibrillator was taken to mark the installation of a new Community defibrillator at Oban Livestock Centre. The AED was funded by the tenants of Oban Livestock Centre specifically NFU Scotland, NFU Mutual, United Auctions, Carrs Billington, Iain A MacKinnon Ltd (haulier), David Connor (haulier), John McAlister Oban Ltd (fishing and engineering) and Oban Livestock Centre Ltd.
  • In the photo L to R; Cameron Hathaway (NFU Oban), Seumas Anderson (farmer), Leiane Cooper (NFU Oban), Lauren Worrell (NFU Oban) Jen Brunner (Carrs Billington), Donald Morrison (UA), Brendan O’Hara MP, Euan Warnock (NFU Oban), John Dickson (regional board chairman NFUS), Karen Mackay (Carrs Billington).


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