Asulam Approval Relief for Hill Farmers

The future for bracken control in Scotland and the rest of the UK has received a boost with the successful emergency authorisation application by the Bracken Control Group, which includes NFU Scotland.

That application will allow the aerial application of the key bracken control product, Asulam in 2013.

Use of the product will be permitted from 1 July but those wishing to use a bracken control service this year are urged to contact their aerial sprayers as soon as possible
In 2011, Asulam was banned across the EU, principally to do with concerns over its use on spinach. However, given its valued role in tackling the spread of bracken across hillsides, industry has been working jointly towards an emergency authorisation.

NFU Scotland President Nigel Miller said:

"The work of the Bracken Control Group in securing a National Emergency Authorisation for the 2013 season is hugely important for Scottish hill farmers.

“Given the dramatic impact that large-scale stands of bracken have on human and animal health coupled with reduced grazing and agricultural productivity, it was essential that we ensure land managers continue to have the necessary tools available to manage the huge problem that bracken presents.

“That brings relief for the 2013 season but works goes on to seeking a similar authorisation for 2014 and, hopefully, full re-authorisation in due course.”  

Notes to Editors

  • Asulam is authorised for use from July 1.  All unused stocks must be destroyed via an authorised route or, if unopened, returned to the distributor by 31 October 2013. No stocks may be kept beyond that date but further emergency application is likely to be submitted for 2014. While the approval is for aerial spraying, details for use of the product through hand-held sprayers will follow in due course.
  • Asulam manufacture licence holder UPL has restated its commitment to seeking full re-authorisation of the active ingredient Asulam but that is likely to take an number of years
  • The Bracken Control Group will continue to co-ordinate activities to ensure essential bracken control can continue to take place.
  • Details on the Bracken Control Group can be found at:  


Contact Bob Carruth on 0131 472 4006

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