BVD Phase 5 Showing Early Success with Additional Measures Set for 18 May

New figures show the Phase 5 measures, under the Scottish BVD scheme, that Scotland’s cattle keepers are doing their utmost to get BVD out of their herds and keep it out.

Since the start of Phase 5 on 1 December 2019, Scotland’s cattle keepers have tested 56,627 animals.  In that period, 33 Persistently Infected animals (PIs) have been identified and 80 have been removed, showing that the new rules are having an affect in discouraging the keeping of PIs.

Prior to the introduction of Phase 5, Scotland’s total number of live PIs was 187 held over 57 holdings.  This fell to 107 live PIs on 35 holdings at the beginning of March.  The number of BVD Not Negative herds is slowly dropping, at around 10 per cent of herds. The new measures and reduction in PI numbers should continue to bring this level down.  

Additional rules are also set to come in on 18 May, requiring any suspected PI animal to be housed and isolated.  It is believed that this additional measure under Phase 5 of the scheme will not only serve to protect the national herd against further infection, but it will also serve as a deterrent against keeping PI.  

The recommendation remains, remove any suspect PI animal from the herd as soon as possible, but herds choosing to retain PI animals will be required to house and isolate those animals. Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA) will be carrying out checks to ensure the housing and biosecurity in place is appropriate.

Jimmy Ireland, NFU Scotland Livestock Chair, commented: “These are promising figures that reflect how the majority of Scotland’s cattle keepers are adhering to regulations introduced via BVD Phase 5.  Additional rules will apply from 18 May and will reinforce the importance of good practice.  Keepers must continue to take their responsibilities seriously as we strive to reduce the presence of BVD across Scotland.”

The new guidelines will be issued by Scottish Government to all cattle keepers over the next few weeks allowing keepers time to make adjustments where required prior to 18 May.

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