Children Must be Kept Safe on Farms During School Holidays

With Scottish schools still to go back NFU Scotland is reminding farmers and crofters to be vigilant and keep children safe on farm

For the majority of families in Scotland the last few months have been the longest period since starting school that they have had their children at home, due to the Covid-19 lockdown. For farming families this has created a serious issue due to the unique nature of raising children on a working farm.

It is often difficult to separate the farm from home life when the home is literally on the farm. Although this is a fantastic environment in which to raise children, it also has its difficulties, specifically in keeping children safe on farm.

An accident on farm can be life changing, both for those involved and their family. It is even more devastating when it involves children, which is why the Union is urging farmers and crofters to be extra vigilant and take every precaution to make their farms and crofts safe for children.  

In May of this year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) updated their guidance on keeping children safe on farm which includes points about not allowing children under 13 to drive or ride on agricultural vehicles. For the full guidance go to   

The Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies) also have an in depth guide for parents and teachers to having children on farm safely. The guide can be found at  

NFU Scotland Vice President Charlie Adam said: “These are extremely strange times, and I appreciate that farming and crofting parents have to be able to work while raising their children and want them to enjoy the many benefits of growing up on a farm. But we as an industry need to take a hard look at our safety record and make a pledge to do better.

“It is vitally important that farmers and crofters are constantly looking at their farms and crofts and thinking about how they can improve the safety, for themselves, their family, their workforce and any possible visitors.

“As someone who raised children on a farm I can say from experience that I believe there is no better place to have a childhood, which is why we need to ensure that these environments are as safe as they possibly can be.”


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Author: Douglas Ross

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