Clarification Provided on Issue of 2015 Exclusion and Reduction Letters

Opportunity for recipients to read and appeal

Scottish Government has been contacting farmers and crofters who had a reduction and/or penalties to their 2015 claim forms informing them of the reasons.

In seeking an explanation for the letters, Scottish Government has informed NFU Scotland that farmers and crofters who receive the letters will not be subject to any further reductions on claims and that these letters meet a requirement to provide a breakdown of why a reduction or exclusion was made in 2015.

This is the first time that Scottish Government has informed claimants in writing why they had deductions in the 2015 scheme year and presents opportunity for claimants, if they disagree with the rational put forward by the Department, to appeal the decision.  Members with no reductions will not receive a letter.

Reduction and exclusion letters are being issued in relation to the Basic Payment Scheme, Greening, Young Farmer, or Less Favoured Area Support scheme.  

NFU Scotland is urging all those who receive a letter, either electronically or in the post, to read the detail.  Farmers and crofters are encouraged to contact their local RPID office if they have any queries.  If, after discussion with RPID officials, claimants disagree with the decision then they have the right to submit an appeal.

NFU Scotland members looking for further guidance are encouraged to contact their regional manager or Group Secretary.

NFU Scotland Vice President Andrew Connon said: “Receiving an exclusion or reduction letter from Scottish Government relating to claims made in 2015 will be worrying and confusing for some and could have been better explained.  

“But we welcome reassurance from Scottish Government that no further reductions are to be made and that the letter fulfils a requirement to provide detail on why the deduction or exclusion was made at that time.

“If you do receive a Reductions and Exclusions letter, please take time to read the letter and the explanation as to why you have received it.

“Check through your records and if you are unhappy with the information, or need more detail, then you or your agent should, in the first instance, contact your local area RPID office to discuss.  After discussion with RPID officials, if you do not agree, or are unsure about the reductions or exclusions, then you have the right, within 60 days, to appeal.

“If you need any further support or guidance, do not hesitate to contact your NFUS Regional Manager or Group Secretary.”  


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Author: Bob Carruth

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News Article No.: 140/21

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