Dairy Industry Needs Farmer Input into Consultation

Scotland’s dairy farmers are being urged to complete ‘once in a generation’ Government consultation on milk contracts

NFU Scotland is urging all dairy farmers in Scotland to complete the UK Government’s consultation on new, fairer conditions for milk contracts.

The Union has been calling for reform in milk contracts for a long time, with clear issues being identified in the dairy sector supply chain, and this consultation is the best opportunity for change in thirty years.

With just four weeks left on the 12-week consultation, NFU Scotland is urging dairy farmers to go to and complete the consultation.

If dairy farmers have any questions on the consultation they should go to the Union’s dedicated webpage at which should be able to answer any queries that they have, or point them towards someone who will be able to answer them.

Four well attended Zoom meetings were held at the end of July, hosted by NFU Scotland, which saw dairy farmers being able to hear more information on the consultation as well as raise any issues or points of their own.

Since the success of the original four meetings, NFU Scotland has been asked to host another meeting for those who were not able to attend and will be proceeding with this as demand dictates.

On top of direct communication with Scottish dairy farmers, the Union has also spoken with a number of milk processors, buyers, industry stakeholders, including Scottish Government, and key dairy consultancies in order to truly reflect the sector’s thoughts on milk contracts.

NFU Scotland Milk Committee Chair Gary Mitchell said: “For most dairy farmers, their contract to sell milk is the single most important piece of paper they have for their business, it shapes the relationship with their milk buyer, and therefore it is important that every dairy farmer engages in this consultation from DEFRA.

“We have already had excellent input from dairy farmers with our Zoom meetings last month, but now we need you to fill in the consultation. This is the best opportunity for we, as the farmers, to take control into our own hands.”

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