Drop ‘N Go to Keep Farming

Union urges farming business to embrace social distancing measures to stay safe and keep farming  

NFU Scotland are promoting a new initiative for all farmers, farm workers and those who work within the farming industry, called ‘Drop ‘N Go’ which encourages anyone coming onto farm for essential deliveries to follow government guidelines about social distancing.

When a delivery is being made on farm, it is important to take precautionary measures to protect farmers, growers and crofters, alongside drivers, who are essential to getting inputs and produce off farm. The two most important things to remember is to maintain good hand hygiene, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or using hand sanitiser, and stay at least 2 meters apart.

Simple things to adopt could include:

  1. Drivers are being encouraged to wash their hands after making a delivery. You can facilitate this by leaving hand sanitiser at the drop off point or leaving some soap next to an outside tap which Drivers have easy access to. If this is not possible, even a bucket of soapy water will work!
  2. Identifying a specific drop off point should be agreed ahead of time. This should minimise any initial contact required between the farm workers and the those making the delivery. 
  3. No contact is best, but if that is not possible then it is important that the Government’s advice of two meters distance between any two people is adhered to. 
  4. Avoid accepting handheld devices passed to in order to sign for delivered goods, as this will breach the 2-meter boundary and the virus may be transmitted by hand contact. If a signature is required, this should be discussed beforehand, and an electronic alternative should be agreed.

If the recipient of the delivery self-isolating because they or a member of their household are showing symptoms, or because they have been instructed to shield, they should not leave their home to meet the driver and an agreed delivery drop should be used. Good hand hygiene and keeping at least 2-meters apart is vital to stay safe. Remember: stay clean, stay apart, stay well to keep farming!

Gemma Cooper, NFU Scotland Head of Policy Team, said: “Drivers are supplying an essential service to farmers by keeping our inputs well stocked to ensure farmers can continue to provide food for the nation. However, this process introduces risks for both haulage and farming communities alike.

“We want all our essential workers to stay safe and healthy, therefore, it is essential that strict social distancing practices and good hand hygiene are used to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.”

Martin Reid, Road Haulage Association Director of Scotland & Northern Ireland said: “These are difficult times for all involved in the haulage industry and we would urge all delivery and collection points to heed the Government guidance on social distancing. Everyone involved in the process should remain 2 metres apart and drivers should be given access to wash their hands at each drop off and collection point. Drivers are key workers and keeping them healthy will ensure the economy keeps moving and your products continue to get to their end user”.  

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