Farmers Reminded of Requirement to Apply for Agricultural Dispensation Ahead of Harvest

NFU Scotland is reminding farmers and crofters to apply to Police Scotland for an agricultural dispensation for wide vehicle movements ahead of the busy harvest period.

The scheme, which NFU Scotland agreed with Police Scotland following extensive discussions, means that members with wide vehicles can apply for a dispensation to avoid having to notify police for each individual movement.

Police notification is required if a vehicle, or implement, is over 3m in width and/or projects more than 4m, for example a plough, and is travelling more than five miles, and/or travelling on any road with a speed limit of less than 40mph.

Farmers or contractors wanting to use this scheme can obtain an application form from Police Scotland or members can get it from NFU Scotland by calling 0131 472 4000. The completed form should be emailed to:

On receipt of this form, if deemed appropriate for a dispensation, Police Scotland will issue a dispensation letter.  This will cover a full year and mean individual notifications are not required unless the width on the original application form is exceeded.

Members wishing to make a one-off movement with a wide vehicle can apply to Police Scotland for a one-off movement, providing at least 48 hours’ notice of the intended movement. Members are reminded to take into consideration public holidays and weekends when applying for one-off movements, as this may delay applications.

NFU Scotland members looking for more information in relation to wide vehicle movement requirements can seek advice from the free NFU Scotland helpline for transport and vehicles.

Jamie Smart, Legal and Technical Committee Chairman, who runs NFU Scotland’s helpline, commented: “It is vital that NFU Scotland members ensure that if they require a dispensation, they have applied for this and had it returned from Police Scotland ahead of moving vehicles.

“The Union has worked hard to put this in place for farmers and crofters, and it is of benefit to save those carrying out wide vehicle movements the time and effort notifying each individual movement.

“A copy of the dispensation document should be carried in vehicles pertaining to it and produced in the event the vehicle is stopped by Police Scotland. We once again thank Police Scotland for their continued support of this scheme.”

Notes to Editors

  • An agricultural dispensation form is available by contacting Police Scotland directly. NFU Scotland members can call 0131 472 4000 or download the form from the Legal and Technical page of the NFU Scotland website. The completed form should be sent to


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