Hundreds Enter NFU Scotland’s ‘Farming Through The Seasons’ Poster Competition

Top Honours head to Dumfriesshire and Lanarkshire

Hundreds of children from up and down Scotland entered NFU Scotland’s fantastic poster competition asking them to capture farming through the seasons in wonderful colour.  

The huge task of judging over 300 entries fell to President Andrew McCornick and Vice President Martin Kennedy.

The winner was nine-year-old Andrew Roan, from Boreland of Colvend at Dalbeattie - home of Roan's Dairy.  Runner up was Lauren Brown, aged 11, from Walston Primary School, Elsrickle near Biggar.  

Andrew McCornick, President of NFU Scotland said: “What an incredible response to our competition that got hundreds of children thinking about the rural landscape around them.  With over 300 entries, what a job Martin and I had on our hands!

“With huge support from schools and schoolchildren, it was clear from the posters that many youngsters know what happens in our countryside throughout the seasons – when harvest is, when lambing and calving takes place, with many getting highly creative and colourful to showcase their ideas.

“Our winners both captured the changing colours in our countryside through autumn to winter, the lambs and calves in fields in the spring to beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the land that we farm.  The posters helped us appreciate that we really do live and work in a beautiful place.

“What a fantastic job all our entrants did in capturing how colourful and vibrant our countryside is.  It was a genuine pleasure to judge so many bright and beautiful entries.”

Notes to Editors

  • Photographs of the winner, nine-year-old Andrew Roan, from Boreland of Colvend at Dalbeattie and runner-up Lauren Brown, aged 11, from Walston Primary School, Elsrickle near Biggar with their winning posters are available on request from
  • The ‘Farming Through the Seasons in Scotland’ competition was open to children aged three to 15. The artwork had to be created in pen or paint on an A4 size of paper in portrait orientation. 
  • Andrew is pictured with his first prize. a Siku farm toy bundle comprising of a Siku farm starter set, a cover and tyres set and a Siku John Deere 8430 tractor with livestock trailer – provided courtesy of Farm Toys Online.  Lauren’s second prize was a £50 Amazon gift card.


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