LFASS Loan Payments Welcomed by Union at Vital Time of Year

With the majority of payments set to reach applicants by Friday 6 April, NFU Scotland is urging all those who received letters to apply for their 90% LFASS loan sooner rather later

The loan payment could not come at a better time for Scotland’s farmers and crofters, many of who are struggling with the high price of fodder coming off of a poor harvest and facing higher than normal fallen stock rates during this prolonged winter weather.

NFU Scotland LFA Chairman Robert MacDonald said: “Scottish Government’s release of LFASS loan payments has come at a time when many of those who are set to receive the payment are most in need of a financial boost, as they remain entrenched in a very long, very challenging and very costly winter and are still to see the signs of spring which is desperately needed.

“LFASS is always a very significant element of support for farmers and crofters in Scotland’s more disadvantaged areas and this year its importance has been underlined by the lack of fodder and additional feed costs being felt by so many. Without the timely payment of the LFASS loan, many farmers and crofters throughout Scotland could find themselves in an even more desperate situation in a few weeks’ time.

“And it is just as urgent that the Scottish Government moves as swiftly as it can to process applications and make payments under the Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme and the Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme – both schemes being vital to beef and hill sheep producers.   

“We would encourage anyone who has received an offer letter for LFASS loan, but not yet opted in, to do so sooner rather than later.  The next batch of loan offers will be issued by mid-April and these offers can still be paid in April if returned immediately.  Payment runs will continue to be made on a weekly basis to ensure money reaches farmers and crofters as quickly as possible.”

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