Livestock Committee in Favour of Mandatory Sheep Carcase Classification but with Caveats

NFU Scotland is backing the Scottish Government’s proposed introductions of mandatory sheep carcase classification and price reporting but with caveats attached.

Representatives on NFU Scotland’s Livestock Committee agreed with the Government’s proposal but did so on two conditions; that there is no additional cost to the industry and the data collected from the mandatory price reporting should be owned by the Scottish sheep industry.

The Union has called on the Scottish Government to expand on the consultation before the proposition begins to move forward.

NFU Scotland is looking for further clarity as to which government department will collect and publish reported prices.  It is also requesting further details on how much information will be reported to the chosen statutory body, with the quality of published information for farmers being dependent on how it is interpreted by the statutory body.

NFU Scotland is also keen to find out what costs, if any, will come from these introductions and is eager to ensure that any costs do not fall on industry, especially with such tight margins for sheep farmers in the current market.

Charlie Adam, NFU Scotland Livestock Committee Chairman, said: “It was clear from the discussion at our national Livestock Committee meeting last Thursday that the consultation documents provided by the Scottish Government was not comprehensive enough for the Committee to come to an overwhelming decision.

“The Committee members are willing to back mandatory carcase classification and price reporting for sheep, but only if a number of concerns over the details of the proposals can be addressed.

“With profits so tight on Scottish farms and crofts we cannot allow for the introduction of any regulation which is not beneficial to the bottom line of farming businesses.”


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