Livestock Roadshow Headed to Orkney

NFU Scotland’s Orkney branch are holding a Livestock Meeting on Tuesday 17 October at 7:30pm.

Guest Speakers for the evening will be Charlie Adam, Chairman of the Unions Livestock Committee, and Alan Clarke, CEO Quality Meat Scotland.

The meeting will cover a variety of livestock related issues which farmers on the islands are affected by, including BVD eradication and changes to TB compensation.

Following on from the Scottish Government’s consultation on the next phase of BVD eradication attendees will be asked for their feedback on what they have heard on the subject.

NFU Scotland are also currently seeking the views from its members on the Scottish Government’s plans to possibly reduce compensation for lost stock due to TB.

The Scottish Government are looking to follow DEFRA and the Welsh Government and introduce reduced compensation to those who had lost stock to TB in an attempt to reward good biosecurity and adherence to the rules.

It is important for NFU Scotland to take on board as many member’s opinions as possible and these Livestock Roadshow events are excellent opportunities.

There will be the chance to discuss any livestock related issues, with areas such as Bovine EID, future of carcass grading and the Beef Efficiency Scheme up for debate.

This will be the first visit of the Alan Clarke to Orkney in his new role of QMS Chief Executive and he will give his first impressions of the organisation he now leads.

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