Meeting to Resolve Ongoing Farming Issues Caused by the Construction of the Aberdeen Bypass

NFU Scotland is meeting with the joint venture contractors responsible for the construction of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) next week (Tuesday 30 January) to resolve ongoing issues caused by the bypass’s construction.

The meeting, which will involve Transport Scotland; Construction Joint Venture; the District Valuer; SEPA and land agents will take place at Ardennan House, Inverurie, starting at 1.30pm.  Members who are having issues because of the road construction and who have not already done so are encouraged to contact NFU Scotland Regional Manager Lorna Paterson on 07786 860453 or before the meeting.

Issues to be resolved relate to accommodation works, fencing, drainage, access, claims and compensation for works being carried out.

The recent collapse of Carillion, one of the main contractors on the Aberdeen bypass project, has also led to worries amongst affected members in the North East over timescales for project work being completed.  

While the benefit of the bypass to the area is understood by farmers, who farm the land on which the construction is taking place, issues that arise from the construction of the bypass must be addressed as outstanding issues are impacting on day to day farming.

Speaking on the need for the joint venture contractors to work with farmers to resolve the outstanding issues, NFUS Chief Executive Scott Walker said: “The AWPR is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Scotland.  It cuts across great areas of farmland and has significant implications for many farm businesses.  

“From the start of the project we have spoken on behalf of members to find solutions and resolve disputes.  There are many issues that are still causing significant problems for our members and the purpose of this meeting is to resolve these.

“Fencing and drainage and livestock waterings are three of the issues of real concern to farmers.  The bypass requires new appropriate fencing to be put in place and we need guarantees that the right process is there to ensure that future maintenance and replacement is going to be carried out.  Field drainage is vital to the ongoing productive capacity of any farm.  Ensuring field drains are still working after the construction of the bypass is vital.

“This will not be the last large-scale infrastructure project to be commissioned in Scotland and we need to know that lessons will be learned and taken forward into other large-scale projects so that farmers don’t feel that they have to battle to get a fair deal.”  


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Author: Bob Carruth

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