Members to Make Use of Pesticide Disposal Scheme

NFU Scotland is encouraging its members to make use of a biocides and pesticides Disposal Scheme that will operate from January to March next year across the whole of the UK.  

The scheme will make it possible to dispose of any unwanted out of date or revoked biocides and pesticides for a one off cost of £20.00 registration fee.   Anyone who believes that they may be in possession of such chemicals is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to dispose of them.

NFU Scotland’s Policy Director, Scott Walker said:

“The use of chemicals to control a wide number of pests and plant diseases is a necessary part of modern-day food production.  As a result, farmers can unwittingly find themselves with products in their chemical stores that can no longer be used. However, the subsequent disposal of such biocides and pesticides safely can often be a problem.  

“Over the years, many products previously permitted for use are now no longer allowed to be used or other products will have passed a use-by date.   For a short period of time a disposal scheme has been set up that for a nominal fee will provide a solution to disposing of these.  

“We would encourage all farmers to check to see if they have any material in their chemical stores that they need to dispose of.   If they do, we encourage them to consider making use of this disposal scheme in the coming months.”

Notes to Editors

  • Application forms can be got from the following link: An application covers up to 15 products.   If you have more than 15 products to be disposed of, a second application will be needed. The scheme is being administered by Killgerm Chemicals Limited of Wakefield Road, Ossett, West Yorkshire, WF5 9AJ (Killgerm).
  • All applicants must register with Killgerm on the application form, supply full details of the waste to be disposed of and pay the non-returnable fee of £20. The fee only covers the waste detailed in the registration form. Any further disposal of waste under the scheme will incur a further fee of £20.
  • It is only open to farmers, growers, gamekeepers and pest controllers (the applicant) who own the pesticides/biocides (the waste).  
  • Only those products that fall within the definition of a pesticide/biocide (as given below) will be accepted. Other products, including paint; human and veterinary medicines fall outside the scope of the scheme.
  • The scheme will run from 3 January 2011 until 14 March 2011, or earlier if the scheme is discontinued.

Definition of Pesticides & Biocides

Pesticides: as defined and subject to approval under the Plant Protection Products Regulations 2005 or the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986. Products acceptable for disposal under the scheme include products with a 'MAPP', 'MAFF' or 'PSPS' or 'ACAS' registration number. Generally this will include agricultural and horticultural products approved as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, vertebrate control products and growth regulators

Biocides: as defined and subject to approval under the Biocidal Products Regulations 2001 or the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986. Products acceptable for disposal under the scheme include products with a 'HSE', 'MAFF' or 'PSPS' or 'ACAS' registration numbers. Generally this will include products approved for non-agricultural uses including algaecides, molluscicides, bird stupefying baits, insect repellents, insecticides and vertebrate control products.


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