MEP’s GM Vote based on Emotion not Science

NFU Scotland is concerned that the European Parliament’s vote in favour of a draft report which would allow EU Member States to disallow GM planting according to non-scientific reasons, such as socio-economic factors, is putting the EU on a retrograde path which flies in the face of science.

UK farming unions had urged UK MEPs to vote against Corinne Lepages MEP’s draft report 2010/0208 (COD) the possibility for the Member States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of GMOs in their territory at the Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg yesterday.

NFU Scotland’s Combinable Crops Policy Manager, Peter Loggie said:

“The European Parliament’s decision to adopt this report is worrying. MEPs are paving the way for a law which invites national governments to look to science for the facts and then ignore them in favour of emotional argument.

“The EU Commission has struggled to reach any kind of agreement on GM cultivation between EU Member States, hence the intention to leave decisions to national governments themselves. While this is understandable, the effects could be damaging for EU farmers, scientists and consumers as markets are distorted and the EU’s competitiveness is obstructed.

“The EU institutions should instead be concentrating on correcting the dysfunctional legislative process which has held EU developments up for so long in this area. NFU Scotland does not advocate GM cultivation per se, however, with increasing emphasis on sustainability and pressure on food security, the EU should be concentrating on making scientific headway in all research avenues.

“The report has not yet reached full EU approval and we shall continue to reiterate to all those in creating this legislation that they must give ensure that we make our decisions in the crucial area of biotechnology on the basis of scientific fact, not emotion.”


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