New Advisory Panel to Drive NFU Scotland’s Response to Climate Change Challenge

NFU Scotland’s newly established Climate Change Advisory Panel has met via Zoom for the first time today (11 September 2020).

The establishment of the Advisory Panel reflects NFU Scotland’s commitment to being an industry leader in tackling climate change. It will support NFU Scotland in its work to ensure that Scottish agriculture can remain vibrant, profitable and productive while delivering benefits for the climate and wider environment.

The Panel is made up of a mixture of active farmers and land use and climate change policy experts. It will provide a forum for knowledge exchange and discussion between the agricultural sector and climate change experts.

The Panel will work with NFU Scotland policy team staff in identifying key issues related to climate change and Scottish agriculture. It will incorporate practical knowledge with technical expertise on matters relating to land use and climate change and will make recommendations to NFU Scotland’s Environment and Land Use Committee.

Climate change is one of NFU Scotland’s ‘Big Six’ policy areas.  The creation of the panel builds on recent research carried out by Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes (SEFAR)I fellow, Dr Gemma Miller, in collaboration with NFUS, that clarified the impact that elements of Scottish agriculture have had on the climate and resulted in the publication of six factsheets.  Dr Miller is one of the members of the new panel.

NFU Scotland Vice President Martin Kennedy, who will chair the new panel, said: “NFU Scotland recognises that agriculture has a critical role to play in responding to the climate emergency and delivering a green recovery from COVID-19.

“We know that Scottish farmers and crofters have worked hard to reduce their emissions since 1990.

“By combining technical knowledge with practical expertise, our Climate Change Advisory Panel will support the sector to build on these achievements and ensure we can meet the ambitious climate change targets that Scotland has set.”

Notes to Editors

  • Membership of NFU Scotland’s new Climate Change Advisory Panel includes:
    • Martin Kennedy, Vice President, NFU Scotland
    • Angus Macfadyen, Environment and Land Use Committee Chair, NFU Scotland
    • Willie Thomson, Combinable Crops Committee Chair, NFU Scotland
    • Claire Simonetta, NFU Scotland member
    • Freda Scott-Park, NFU Scotland member
    • David Smith, NFU Scotland member
    • David Reay, University of Edinburgh
    • Sheila George, WWF Scotland
    • David Michie, Soil Association Scotland
    • Steven Thomson, SRUC
    • Gemma Miller, SRUC
    • Jonnie Hall, Director of Policy, NFU Scotland
    • Ruth Taylor, Climate Change Policy Manager, NFU Scotland


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Author: Diana McGowan

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News Article No.: 116/20

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Dunnydeer Farms

493 days ago

If we have been working to reduce our climate change emissions since 1990, can we say by what percentage we have managed to reduce our emissions by, since then? How should we even measure such a reduction? Do we take into account imported food and the emissions they effectively export? This subject is serious and difficult. Changes are going to have to be made and they have to be the right changes. Forget about making this a PR exercise the industry deserves better.
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