NFU Scotland Calls for Decisions on Live Exports to be Led by Science

As the UK Government calls for evidence on live animal exports for slaughter, the Union is highlighting the high standards which are already in place and based on years of scientific evidence

Today, the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) published a call for evidence on live exports and animal transport which will run for 6 weeks. NFU Scotland is calling for sound science and existing standards to be the basis of discussions prior to any changes to live export regulation.

The current legislation protecting animals during transport and related operations was introduced in 2005.  The standards within that legislation were developed based on respected scientific evidence on the welfare of animals during transport, with subsequent reviews failing to identify new evidence of a need for further change.

NFU Scotland Livestock Chairman Charlie Adam said: “Livestock welfare is a top priority for Scottish livestock farmers and we appreciate that live animal transport is an emotive issue for many.  

“It is important that standards are in place to protect animal welfare during transport.  Those standards must reflect the scientific evidence available, to deliver genuine benefits, and not be based purely on sentiment, delivering little benefit and damaging the livestock industry in the UK.

“The UK Government’s ambition to be viewed as a premier trading partner post Brexit means we need to be able to demonstrate robust, evidenced welfare standards delivering confidence to UK consumers and our trading partners. As a premier trading partner, we should not be seeking to dismiss the ability to export high quality, high welfare livestock.”  


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Author: Douglas Ross

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News Article No.: 49/18

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