NFU Scotland is reminding growers that they have less than two weeks to use or dispose of existing stocks of chlorothalonil (CTL)

The maximum use-by date for the UK and other EU member states is Wednesday 20 May 2020, after which it will be illegal to store and use CTL.

Chlorothalonil has been the main stay of fungal disease control in Scotland’s largest and most important crop, barley, where it is the only effective tool available for the control of ramularia leaf spot.  A bad infestation can cause a fall in yield of 0.6 tonnes per hectare, equivalent to more than 10 percent of crop lost.  

Given the huge importance of barley and wheat to the Scottish drinks industry, this could cause serious problems for this iconic sector. Factor in that this product is still going to be allowed to be used in other countries out with the EU, then this is disastrous for Scotland’s growers.

NFU Scotland Combinable Crops Chairman Willie Thomson said: “The ban of CTL has come as a huge blow to growers who have lost a number of tools from the plant protection toolkit. With the loss of CTL, growers must now turn to often less effective and more expensive products to ensure they maintain production for Scotland’s valuable food and drink sector.

“In Scotland, we are proud to produce to some of the highest standards and have a robust audit process which guarantees assurance standards on farms. It is vital that potential trade partners have equivalent standards to allow for a level playing field that would otherwise see growers undermined by the importation of food which would be illegal to produce into this country.

“I urge all members to ensure any existing stocks of CTL are used or responsibly disposed of by 20 May to avoid significant fines and legal action.”


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Author: Douglas Ross

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News Article No.: 57/20

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