NFUS and RSABI Join Forces To Encourage Industry To Reach Out

New sticker initiative launched to promote confidential helpline

NFU Scotland and rural-charity RSABI have joined forces to call on Scotland’s farmers and crofters to reach out and seek help.

A new initiative encourages those working and living in the rural community to post an easily-identifiable sticker with RSABI’s confidential helpline number somewhere prominent on the farm or croft in the hope that someone will reach out and make the call in their time of need, whether than be for financial or emotional support.

Last year, RSABI helped over 850 people and their families and as farming and crofting continues to be a challenging industry that is only set to rise. And as such those within the industry, no matter how small or large the problem is, whether that be financial pressures, work worries, stress, crisis, or anxiety, are being encouraged to pick up the phone to the helpline – 0300 111 4166 - which is open from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week.

President of NFU Scotland, Andrew McCornick, commented: “As an industry, we are renowned for bottling up our problems and just getting on with the job. However, we don’t realise the serious harm this is doing to both our mental and physical state, as well as the ongoing impact it can have on our families.

“As long-running supporters of RSABI, NFU Scotland has teamed up with the agricultural charity to encourage you, and your family and workforce to seek the help you need.”

Mags Granger, Welfare Manager at RSABI commented: “When you are having difficulties talking to someone is the starting point for support and help. Often that is a stumbling block for those in farming and crofting. We are here to listen, support and empower farmers and crofters to get the help they need, all in complete confidence. As well as the emotional support, we are also able to provide financial support, where required.

“At RSABI we understand how interconnected the farm business and household are and when things go wrong, stress and pressure increases, which has a knock-on effect on farmers and their families in so many ways. It’s much better to get help early on before a problem becomes a crisis.” Ends

Notes to Editors

  • The stickers are available by contacting RSABI directly on 0131 472 4166. For media who would like a copy of the image of the sticker please email or
  • The helpline is open from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week and can be called on 0300 111 4166.
  • RSABI is a unique Scottish charity providing financial assistance and support to people in Scottish agriculture. Its support services include a helpline and visits by a case officer or volunteer. RSABI look at the options available and support the client to get the outcome that they want. For more information about the charity visit:

Contact Ruth McClean on 0131 472 4108.

Author: Ruth McClean

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News Article No.: 96/17

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