NFUS Launches Pork Shelf Watch to Gauge Current Supermarket Support For Pig Farmers

NFU Scotland is carrying out a pork shelf watch over the next week (27 November to 5 December) to gain a clear snapshot of which supermarkets are strongly supporting our pig farmers at this extremely challenging time for the industry.

All pig farmers are experiencing particularly difficult times just now. There is a perfect storm of problems affecting throughput in the processing sector, low staffing levels throughout the whole chain, high input costs on farms, poor prices globally and a lack of equivalent controls and checks on EU product coming into the market.

In the next week, NFU Scotland is calling on members to visit local supermarkets to record what pork is available on the fresh meat shelves, whilst complying with all Covid-19 guidance. The results can be recorded at:

NFU Scotland’s Pigs Policy Manager Penny Middleton said: “Retailers have been keen to express their support for the sector with pledges not to undercut the market with cheap imports and NFUS wants members to help check that retailers are indeed standing by their word.

“We are calling on members to help carry out a shelf watch between 27 November to 5 December and capture a snapshot of what is really on the shelves, where it comes from and what deals are on offer.

“The plan is to keep things as simple as possible, asking members to do as many of their local retailers as they can manage, but even one will be a help! We have put together a survey at Survey Monkey so you can easily complete it on your phone in the store.

“If you are less happy with technology, or broadband/mobile reception in store are not an option, then we ask members to take note of the details whilst in store and then either feed it into Survey Monkey or email to when you get home.”  Ends

Notes for Editors

  • All those taking part in the survey are urged to be *Covid–Aware*. Please comply with Covid guidance, sanitise your hands before and after handling packs and please wear a mask. Do not participate if you are displaying any of the known covid symptoms.
  • Members taking part are asked to use survey monkey at  or record the following and send to:
    • Name:
    • Contact email/phone number:
    • Region of Scotland:
    • Name of Supermarket: (Beware of CO-OP / Scotmid partnerships and be clear which one you are checking)
    • Location of supermarket:
    • Date visited: 
    • Details required
    • Number of packs of pork roasting joints:
    • The number of UK pork roasting joints:
    • Are there any special deals?
    • Number of packs of pork mince:
    • The number of packs or UK pork mince:
    • Are there any special deals?
    • Number of packs of all other pork cuts (chops, steaks etc.):
    • The number of packs of UK other pork cuts:
    • Are there any special deals?

Contact Bob Carruth on 07788 927675

Author: Bob Carruth

Date Published:

News Article No.: 144/21

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