NFUS Launches Straw and Feed Campaign

Straw and feed buyers and those who grow for them are urged to plan ahead, look at alternatives and collaborate

The importance of planning ahead for straw and feed supplies by farmers and crofters is the focus of a new NFU Scotland campaign launched today (Wednesday 11 July).

The 12-week campaign encourages both buyers and growers of straw and feed to think about what they need, not only in the short-term but further down the line to mitigate against any issues.

The campaign sets out three key messages:

  • Plan ahead – know what you need; where you are getting it from; and if you’re a grower where your market is
  • Be flexible – look at your alternatives and have a back-up plan
  • Collaborate – speak to those around you and have a chat about any opportunities to reduce costs, such as joint buying or making farm-to-farm arrangements/deals

NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick stated: “We have such a fantastic agricultural industry in Scotland but every day we are being challenged to make it work and to adapt to conditions.  Each farm is different, and each farmer has different needs.

“All sectors have suffered from unusual weather over the past year.  Last autumn and this spring it was un-relenting rain and the late cold snap.  Now, it is the prolonged dry spell, which we are far less used to, that has caught many out.

“At a time when many are watching budgets, we have launched this campaign to get livestock producers thinking about how they will overcome shortages of feed and bedding, and growers about what is best for their businesses too.  That thought process needs to be flexible and businesses should consider what could be done collectively.

“With weather patterns changing from what we have been used to in the past, planning ahead will be key to successfully coping with the challenges ahead.  It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in and what pressures you are facing you must make time to plan flexibly and as far ahead as possible.”  

Notes to Editors

  • If using social media to cover this story, use the hashtag #NFUSHowDoYouPlan

Contact Ruth McClean on 0131 472 4108

Author: Ruth McClean

Date Published:

News Article No.: 93/18

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W & D Wilson

959 days ago

I have to laugh at your story regarding straw and feed. The reasons farmers have such a problem with cattle feed and bedding is really the governments fault. They are giving big grants/subsidies to all these digesters and burners and therefore they can pay big prices for cattle feed and straw. The efficiency and carbon footprint of these places needs to be investigated and can they survive without the help of the government. Farmers cannot compete with this. I have just heard that fat cattle are back 5p this week and store cattle at Thainstone mart today are a disaster. It is not looking good for cattle in the UK as once they are gone it will be too late. I am beginning to think no one really cares. My young son has farmed and been involved with cattle since he was in his teens and now at 28 he has helped us build up a good commercial cattle herd and he has also about 50 pure charolais cows and breeds bulls. What will the future hold for him as cattle is very much his interest, passion and life ?From a worried and concerned farmer, Linda Wilson.
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