NFUS President Looks To Future In Speech To Members

McCornick tells Autumn Conference and Council much has been achieved but work still to be done.

NFU Scotland will, on behalf of its members, take all steps necessary to secure a bold, new agricultural policy for Scotland that leaves the industry productive, innovative and, above all, profitable.

A huge volume of lobbying work has already been undertaken by the Union’s officeholders and staff, most recently focussed on the draft Agriculture Bill.  That lobbying commitment, unparalleled in the Union’s history, will be sustained in order to produce the best possible post-Brexit agricultural policy for Scotland’s farmers and crofters.

Speaking at the Conference, President Andrew McCornick said: “Throughout the whole Brexit process, NFU Scotland has grown in stature as an effective, trusted and influential lobbying body and I am very proud of the work we continue to do in all three Parliaments in which we operate.

Our regular presence at Westminster, Holyrood and Brussels, and our attendance at all major party conferences has created a lobbying platform from which we aim to deliver the best possible outcome from hugely uncertain times.

 “In our ‘Steps to Change’ document, launched in late March, we have provided Defra and the Scottish Government with the most comprehensive and concise plan for Scottish agricultural policy.  But we are far from complacent and in November we will go back to our membership to fine tune our demands through a nation-wide series of roadshows.

“We will continue to push the UK Government on the Agriculture Bill, which, in our view, requires amendment if it is to truly be the vehicle upon which we can deliver an effective agricultural policy for Scotland in the future.

“Scotland must be able to build its own agricultural policy via an agreed policy framework that will properly give our farmers and crofters the best chance of successfully shaping viable businesses from what is a unique and often very difficult landscape. Agriculture here is completely different from the rest of the UK and we need to find a political solution which not only acknowledges that but also champions it.”

Mr McCornick also discussed the work NFU Scotland has been doing over the last 12 months, pointing towards the volatile weather and the success of the #NFUSHowDoYouPlan campaign.

He added: “It has been a notoriously difficult year for many members, with one of the worst autumns and even worse winters I can remember seeing. This was followed by one of the driest summers on record.

“It is during these difficult times that I am pleased to say that NFU Scotland staff come into the fore and this year, as any year, we have jumped into action to find solutions to problems being faced by our members.”

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