NFUS President to Take Part in Debate on Future of Farming, Food and Rural Economy

Members encouraged to go along to event on Monday 16 July

NFU Scotland President, Andrew McCornick, will take part in a seminal panel discussion on the future of food, farming and the rural economy post-Brexit on Monday 16 July.

Speaking alongside other agriculture and food and drink industry leaders, Mr McCornick will focus on the key elements of NFU Scotland's proposals for a future agriculture policy as set out in its discussion document, Steps to Change.  He will also highlight the Union's other red lines regarding friction-free trade, protection of high standards of production, and an immigration system that works for all parts of the industry.

“NFU Scotland has welcomed the progress that appeared to have been made after the Chequers meeting last week,” said Mr McCornick. “The fact that the agreed negotiating stance seemed to strongly recognise the unique requirements of the agri-food sector is testament to the strong lobbying NFUS and others have done on this issue.

“However, the chaotic political process which has since overshadowed the Chequers agreement focuses the mind on how far we still have to go in convincing our political decision-makers on getting the right deal for our sector.

“Brexit presents the biggest challenge that the Union and its members have faced in its 105-year history, but I am committed to ensuring that opportunities are taken to genuinely drive our industry forward.

“A large part of this will be re-drawing and re-balancing and a bold new Scottish agricultural policy, which makes Scottish agriculture productive, innovative, and above all, profitable - whilst also delivering a wide range of public and environmental benefits that are the co-products of active farming and crofting.

“With Scottish Government consulting on its future plans for agricultural policy as we speak, this panel discussion comes at an opportune moment.

“Scottish farmers and crofters are the bedrock of Scotland's booming food and drinks industry, which is a prime mover in our country's economic prosperity.  At the same time, agricultural businesses are key to maintaining and enhancing Scotland's unique environment and landscapes.

“I encourage NFU Scotland members to come along, ask questions, and feed in views to this important discussion.”

Notes to editors

  • The event will take place on Monday 16 July at 7pm in United Auctions Stirling
  • President Andrew McCornick will speak on a panel alongside James Withers (CEO, Scotland Food and Drink), Robert Graham (Managing Director, Graham's Family Dairies) and Jim Fairlie (Owner, The Kitchen Farmer). The event will be chaired by Mark Stephen of BBC Out of Doors.
  • This is a free event, but prior registration is needed online here:


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Author: Ruth McClean

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