NFUS Welcomes Code on Repair Maintenance Obligations

NFU Scotland has welcomed a new Code on Repair and Maintenance Obligations for tenanted agricultural holdings, the latest in a series produced and published by the Tenant Farming Commissioner in partnership with NFUS, STFA, SLE, SAAVA, and RICS.

The Code provides guidance for landlords and tenants in relation to their obligations and behaviour towards repair and maintenance issues on tenanted holdings. It is based on four key principles; compliance with legally binding obligations, regular meetings and discussions, maintenance of relevant records relating to agreements made and repairs carried out, and a record of condition.

NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick noted: “This is a very important Code for the industry and I would urge all parties who are engaged in tenancies to familiarise themselves with it and ensure that they are compliant.

“For some landlords and tenants, there may be an immediate need to enter into discussions, and I would encourage parties to undertake this in a cordial and constructive manner.

“Ongoing repair and maintenance issues were flagged up as an issue when NFUS and other stakeholders were working with Scottish Government to thrash out the detail of the Land Reform Act.

“Lack of maintenance on tenanted farms can be a real issue for day to day farming activities, for exiting tenants at a waygo situation, and for new tenants coming into farms.  

“It is important that this Code is not viewed in isolation, but viewed alongside the waygo amnesty, and the previously published Codes. For the first time the industry is getting into a situation where there is clear and concise guidance which can assist in real life tenancy situations, and NFUS will continue to work with the Tenant Farming Commissioner to provide clarity for our members.”

Notes to Editor

  • The Code of Practice for the Maintenance of Agricultural Holdings can be found on the Land Commission’s website


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