Poster and New Logo Launched by Farming with Dyslexia Working Group

A Farming With Dyslexia Working Group, led by NFU Scotland, has launched its campaign material following its second meeting.

Created on the back of NFU Scotland’s Farming with Dyslexia campaign during July, the working group met on 5 November to celebrate National Dyslexia Week.

Representatives from the Scottish Government’s Rural Payments Inspections Division (RPID), Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs, Crofting Commission, RSABI, Forestry Commission Scotland, Dyslexia Scotland and Scotland’s Rural College, as well NFU Scotland employees and members, are all members of the working group.

To be displayed in offices of those organisations involved in the working group, the new eye-catching designs have been created by a dyslexic design student to make the campaign instantly recognisable. Dyslexic farmers gave their input into the design of both the poster and logo.
The posters will help to increase awareness and understanding whilst reducing the stigma of being dyslexic. It will also encourage dyslexic farmers to share their experiences and to contribute ideas for making life easier.

Some support is already in place for dyslexic farmers, crofters and landowners and this will allow more people to be given help where needed and to be signposted to other organisations like Dyslexia Scotland for expert information and advice.

Following on from the initial launch of the Union’s Farming with Dyslexia campaign, a dedicated phone number for NFU Scotland members is in place for those who have dyslexia, or for a family member who has, and are seeking help and information.

NFU Scotland’s Vice President, Rob Livesey, who is chairman of the Farming with Dyslexia Working Group commented: “The launch of this modern and eye-catching logo and poster marks an important milestone in the campaign, raising awareness of the work being done to help dyslexic farmers who can come up against problems in the running of their day-to-day business.

“Since launching the NFU Scotland’s campaign in July, the Working Group has covered some great ground, and a lot of work is ongoing behind the scenes to improve the way the Union, as well as other organisations, communicate with farmers, landowners, and crofters.

“So many people, many of whom are members of NFU Scotland, have come forward to voice their support for the campaign in recent weeks and confirms our suspicions of how wide spread dyslexia is within the farming community.

“A dedicated phone line has been up and running for NFU Scotland members who would like information or advice on dyslexia. We have also been profiling dyslexic farmers within our monthly membership magazine, who have been speaking about their experiences in an effort to encourage others to come forward and seek help.

“In the coming months the working group will continue to raise awareness of dyslexia, and some representatives will be assisting the likes of the Scottish Government in developing its new payment system to help make it more dyslexic-friendly too.”

Note to Editors

  • The three key objectives of the Farming with Dyslexia Working Group are as follows:
    • Raise awareness of dyslexia to reduce the stigma and promote the abilities of dyslexic individuals which are of great benefit to the agriculture industry
    • Engage with the Scottish Government and other stakeholders to ensure measures to recognise dyslexia among the farming community are appropriate.
    • Ensure systems of communication with regulatory bodies are more accessible for dyslexic farmers and crofters with a choice of delivery options
  • NFU Scotland launched a campaign to get better support in place for farmers and crofters who have dyslexia in July to ensure there is suitable support in place to make the day-to-day running of their businesses easier and more efficient when it comes to form filling and communicating with farming organisations.
  • A dedicated phone number is available for NFU Scotland members who would like more information on the campaign, or who would like assistance by calling 07775 804 717.
  • The campaign has received the backing from former racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart and the Union has been working with the Scottish Government, Dyslexia Scotland and SRUC throughout the campaign. For more information visit:
  • For an electronic copy of the poster and logo, or for photographs from the launch please contact or call 0131 472 4108.


Contact Ruth McClean on 0131 472 4108

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