School Milk Scheme Offers Opportunity For Dairy

NFU Scotland has called for Scotland’s School Milk Scheme to be expanded, allowing the nation’s schoolchildren to enjoy fresh, tasty milk and have local cheese and yoghurt added to the menu.

The EU Scheme currently allows local authorities in Scotland to claim funding to subsidise their school milk schemes.

Responding to the Scottish Government consultation on the EU School Milk Scheme, the Union has asked for an expanded range of high quality Scottish dairy produce to be supported by an educational package that explains the many benefits of dairy in the diet to school children and teachers.

NFU Scotland strongly supports the commission’s ambition that, for the long-term health of the nation, the scheme plays an effective role in reversing the ongoing decline in the consumption of nutritious dairy products.

NFU Scotland’s Milk Committee chairman James Rankin, who milks cows at Badenheath Farm near Cumbernauld said: “The many health benefits of including dairy in the diet are well recognised but this scheme presents the opportunity to see the offering to Scotland’s schoolchildren go beyond fresh, tasty milk and bring in some of the fantastic cheeses and yoghurts we produce here in Scotland.

“The scheme also presents a chance to strengthen links between schoolchildren and farmers and the various types of food they produce.

“Changing the focus of the school milk scheme will boost the consumption of dairy produce in the long term and use our education system to instil healthy eating habits.

The old and new science clearly proves that dairy produce is good for children, and this scheme is an ideal opportunity to educate not only the school children but also, in many cases, their teachers and classroom assistants.  Education is key to tackling the huge challenge of obesity, osteoporosis and unhealthy eating habits, and dairy can play a vital and important role.”  


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Author: Bob Carruth

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News Article No.: 70/17

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