Scottish Government Clarity On Eligibility Of Dual Purpose Breeds For Calf Scheme

The Scottish Government has written to NFU Scotland providing clarity on the eligibility of calves from dual purpose cattle breeds for inclusion in the Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme.
Writing to the NFUS livestock committee, Scottish Government has stated that calves from dual purpose cattle breeds – such as Montbeliarde or Fleckvieh - which are part of a suckler beef herd can be claimed as part of the scheme. 
From the Union’s understanding, the calf’s mother must not be part of a milking herd but must be suckling its calf for it to be eligible for support.
Farmers claiming calves from dual purpose breeds will be asked to provide evidence that the calves are part of a suckler herd. The Union is currently seeking clarity from Scottish Government on the definition of a dual purpose breed and the best way that farmers can provide evidence that their calves are in a suckler beef system.
The announcement means that the beef farmers using dual purpose breeds as part of their beef set up will be treated equally with other farmers running similar beef systems.
The Union is aware of several beef farmers who use dual purpose breeds as part of their beef herd who will now receive support under the scheme.
If members are unsure about their claim to the scheme, they are advised to contact their local RPID office for clarity. It is important to ensure all animals being claimed are eligible. The deadline for 2016 scheme claims is 31 December.
The exclusion of all calves whose dams are milked is to be discussed at the Union’s upcoming dairy and livestock committee meetings. Farmers with views are being asked to contact their regional commodity representatives.  Ends

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