Supply chain, climate and support top NFUS election wishlist

Fairness in the supply chain, climate change and the future of support are among the key issues NFU Scotland has set out in a ‘Programme for Government’ for the UK’s would-be leaders and prospective members of parliament.

For much of the Labour administration, NFUS has been campaigning for fairness in the supply chain. As this parliamentary term draws to a close, this culminated in a bill that could have seen the creation of a supermarket ombudsman to police the Grocery Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP). In its Programme for Government, NFUS requests that the momentum behind the creation of a ‘supermarket’ ombudsman is not lost.

On the subject of climate change, NFUS urges politicians to ensure that policies are properly integrated to take account of all aspects of land use, and sustainable production and consumption. Furthermore, policy makers must consider the economic trade-offs involved in adjusting to the challenges of climate change.

NFU Scotland’s Programme advocates a system of farm support that is focused on productive agriculture and delivered to the individual undertaking that agricultural activity. In response to the expectation that future support payments are made according to an area-based model, NFUS asks that the new system addresses current anomalies and is introduced in a way that avoids destabilising businesses.

In addition to these broad political issues, NFUS also tackles administrative anomalies that need to be resolved as soon as possible, in particular, the unacceptable situation whereby animal health and welfare policy is devolved to Scotland, but the budget remains with Defra.

NFU Scotland’s President, Jim McLaren said:

"Since the last general election in 2005, three inextricable issues have firmly taken position at the top of national, European and global political agendas; namely climate change, food security and energy security. In addition, at home, we have seen a renaissance in consumer interest in local, high quality food and drink. Therefore, the importance of Scottish and UK agriculture in providing plentiful, safe and nutritious food in a sustainable fashion is growing. Our ability to produce renewable energy is also growing rapidly in importance.

"It is crucial that the next UK government recognises what the farming industry is already doing to secure food supplies, manage our environment and landscapes and strengthen the rural economy; all against a backdrop of economic pressures in the supply chain, a burgeoning regulatory environment and the impact on the ground of climate change.

"I firmly believe that NFU Scotland’s ‘Programme for Government’ contains the framework of a policy environment in which this crucial sector can flourish."

Notes to editors

  • For more information, or for a copy of NFU Scotland’s ‘Programme for Government’, please call Sarah Anderson on 0131 472 4108, or e-mail


Call Sarah Anderson on 0131 472 4108

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