Support Form Deadline Now Less Than Two Weeks Away

Reminder to include EFA map with application or risk disallowance

With less than two weeks left to complete 2017 Single Application Forms (SAF), NFU Scotland is encouraging crofters and farmers to prioritise filling out their forms before the 15 May deadline.

And for those looking to meet the Greening requirements, the Union is reminding them to include the maps of their Ecological Focus Areas EFAs) with the application or risk significant disallowances.

NFU Scotland’s Combinable Crops Policy Manager Peter Loggie said: “We can’t stress enough to those applying for Greening the importance of including a map of your EFA with the application.  That map is considered a ‘supporting document’ which must also be submitted by the annual 15 May deadline.  

“If the EFA map is missing, the result can be a total loss of the whole Greening element because it is deemed that the application for Greening has not been made on time.  

“In addition, from this year, a penalty on top of that can be applied, even if all EFA rules have been complied with fully on the ground.  
“We urge all applicants to take this seriously.  NFUS is aware of one member who may yet lose out on a significant part of their 2016 support claim because of their failure to supply EFA maps appropriately last year.”


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Author: Bob Carruth

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