Transport Report Relief for Scottish Livestock Farmers

Publication of a European report looking into the welfare of livestock in transit has recommended tightening up on enforcement across Europe but will not seek any further restrictions on journey times or stocking densities. 

That mirrors the lobbying stance taken by NFU Scotland and has been welcomed by the organisation.

The transport of livestock, particularly from islands or more remote areas, is fundamental to the Scottish industry and there were fears that this report would recommend further changes that would make journeys more difficult.

NFU Scotland President, Nigel Miller said:

"Recent meetings with Senior European animal welfare officials had hinted that when published, this report would focus on the need to improve compliance and enforcement of existing animal transport legislation across Europe rather than feel the need to further restrict animal movements. 

“That has always been NFU Scotland's view.  Now that the report is in the public domain, it is clear that while compliance across all member states is improving more can be done in certain countries.

"What is of crucial importance to Scottish livestock producers is that any notion of further restrictions to transport times and stocking densities for livestock vehicles is not included in the report.  The safe and efficient transport of livestock is crucial to our industry, particularly in more remote parts, and any immediate threat appears to have been removed by this report.

"Scotland has a great welfare record on transporting animals and our farmers and commercial livestock transporters have already taken the necessary steps to comply with training requirements and vehicle standards.  It is good news that no further restrictions are planned and we look forward to all animal transportation across Europe working to meet the required standards."

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