Union Appoints New Food Policy and Campaigns Officer

Lindsey Macdonald takes up important role

Perthshire graduate Lindsey Macdonald is NFU Scotland’s new Food Policy and Campaigns Officer.

Lindsey (22), from Crieff, completed her degree at Edinburgh University before taking part in the Leadership graduate scheme operated by major retailer Waitrose.

Commenting on her appointment, Lindsey said: “Having grown up in rural Perthshire, many of my family friends are from the farming community and this gave me exposure from a young age to the challenges and opportunities facing farmers in an ever-changing world.

“Being part of the Waitrose graduate scheme was an incredible opportunity to learn about how supermarkets work and see the other the side of the coin.  I now have a good understanding of the industry and how farmers and crofters might go about better positioning themselves to be more competitive in an arena where all too often they are made to feel powerless.

“I feel extremely lucky to have been offered the Food Policy and Campaigns Officer post within NFU Scotland and it is great to be started. It’s already proving to be an exciting role that can deliver real and lasting change for farmers and crofters.”

NFU Scotland’s Deputy Director of Policy Andrew Bauer said: “With the turbulence of Brexit and current market conditions, it is essential that NFU Scotland is equipped to help its members navigate to a more secure and prosperous future.

“The food policy and campaigns role is an important part of how NFU Scotland will tackle this, and we are delighted to have secured such a capable and enthusiastic person for the role.

“Lindsey will be spending her early months getting around Scotland to meet farmers, processors, retailers and other key players in the supply chain.

“She’ll be getting to grips with some of the issues and campaigns that NFU Scotland has been making progress on in recent years, and in due course, tackling the new ones that will undoubtedly be thrown up in the future.

“We are certain that she’ll make her mark and that members will clearly see the benefits of her appointment in the years to come.”

Notes to Editors

  • NFU Scotland’s Food Policy and Campaign’s officer is Lindsey Macdonald (22) from Crieff, Perthshire.  A photograph of Lindsey is available on request from
  • Lindsey graduated from Edinburgh University in 2016 with an MA (Hons) in International Relations and then participated in the Waitrose Leadership Graduate Scheme.  Lindsey has spent time with the RAF Reserves, undertaken an internship in New York with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, and spent a summer working at a kids’ camp in America.  Hobbies include running up (and down) Munros with her uncle for ‘fun’!


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J M Fotheringham & Partner

1687 days ago

Good article. I wonder if I can raise an issue related to food, hospital food to bee exact. I had always heard that it was not exceptional ,until I experienced it for myself recently. I had to go to the Victoria ,Kirkcaldy for a replacement hip operation. Breakfast started with soggy cornflakes followed by the driest roll i have ever seen.When you tried to eat it it went into a kind of paste which i couldn't swallow easily. Lunch, soup,their saving grace ,main bland ,potatoes tasted day was Rhubarb made with green stalks and custard.I am only glad that my stay was five days.My point of these ramblings ,I am a farmer ,I produce beef and lamb to the best specifications, why do we have to tolerate this type of food when we go into hospital. Who are the buyers and what are they buying? I know its a tendering process but surely good healthy food speeds everyones recovery process.
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