Union Calls for Group to Focus on Land Management


NFU Scotland will support the Land Reform Review Group (LRRG) in its work to encourage constructive and positive land management and opportunities for local communities.

However, the Union is adamant that agriculture and food production must feature strongly in its thinking.

In its submission to the LRRG, NFU Scotland states:

“Rural Scotland is a diverse and challenging environment, where a tapestry of land uses and land tenures seeks to deliver the best value from our most important asset - the land.  

“Any land reform review that seeks to develop “innovative and radical proposals that will contribute to Scotland’s future success” must also avoid any unintended consequences that would adversely impact on the future prosperity of agricultural and other land based businesses and our general ability to produce food.  

“A progressive forward thinking approach is essential for the future sustainability of land based businesses in rural Scotland.  Only by establishing an operating environment that encourages long-term investment, will it be possible to provide a stable economic climate for both a new generation of young people and expanding existing farm businesses.  Both need to reap the rewards from agriculture and, consequently, help rural communities to thrive.

“We recognise the multiple benefits and outcomes that our land must deliver.   However, the increasing importance of food production must be a significant priority and be reflected in any future policy or vision.

“Part of that vision must positively address issues around land ownership and land tenure.  NFU Scotland is convinced that the future of the agricultural industry is intrinsically linked to a healthy and vibrant tenanted sector that functions alongside owner-occupiers.

“Scotland requires access to flexible and fluid arrangements for landlords, tenants, and owner occupiers to take advantage of.  It is imperative for the future of the industry that it is allowed to continue to work towards achieving a sector that contributes in a positive way to the economy of rural Scotland.”  


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