Union to Campaign for Dog Walkers to Keep Scotland Beautiful this Spring

Farmers urged to complete survey to reveal extent of dog fouling problem

Planning on a Scottish campaign to raise awareness about the issue of dog fouling on agricultural land is at an advance stage.

The campaign is scheduled to run during the spring at a time of the year when the better weather brings an increase in the number of people getting out and about in the countryside with their dogs.

Although intended to be a nationwide campaign, the Union is asking all Scottish farmers to complete a short survey on the level of problem that they have with dog fouling on their land.  

That survey will help identify suitable areas where more intensive campaign activity can be targeted to drive a change in dog owners’ behaviour and raise local awareness of the problems that can be caused by not picking up dog dirt on farmland.

NFU Scotland Animal Health and Welfare Policy Manager Penny Johnston said:

“We want people to take responsible access in the countryside with their dogs but that responsibility must extend to them picking up after their animals.

“In preparation for the campaign, NFUS is asking all Scottish farmers to complete a short survey on the level of problem that they have with dog fouling on their land.  That may help identify suitable focus areas for more intensive local activity.

“This survey is also a crucial step towards securing support from other stakeholders for the campaign by providing important statistics relating to the scale of the issue and where the problem is greatest.

“We urge all farmers – not just those on the urban fringes - to take the time to complete this survey and consider whether they may be willing to assist in the campaign once it starts.”

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