Union Pinpoints Favourable Trade Deal as Priority for Scottish Farmers as Brexit Approaches

NFU Scotland Vice President Martin Kennedy gave evidence to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee today (Wednesday 21 February)

Addressing MSPs on the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee, Mr Kennedy was clear that the prospect of an unfavourable trade deal is the greatest threat to the prosperity of Scottish farmers and crofters and that importing sub-standard products from other countries will only have a negative effect on the industry.

Commenting after the evidence session, Martin Kennedy said: “Brexit has created difficulties but has also presented us with opportunities. As the Government seeks to create new trade deals, we need to make sure that they are favourable for Scottish agriculture.

“Our farmers and crofters work to the highest animal welfare standards and growing standards and it is important that any deal does not undercut their hard work by importing large volumes of sub-standard products.

“A poor trade deal would be detrimental to Scottish agriculture and we need to be wary of any unintentional consequences from wrong decisions being made. Which is why it is so important for the industry to be consulted on any deals being made.

“It is important that farmers, crofters and growers are properly rewarded for the hard work and dedication that they put into producing the high quality food and drink which has created such a huge revenue for the Scottish economy.

“Brexit also creates the opportunity to put a fairer system in place for those producing the food. The supply chain is not currently working, with the average income of a Scottish farmer at around £12,000 last year despite the Scottish agriculture industry putting £2.8 billion back into the wider economy.”


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Author: Douglas Ross

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News Article No.: 31/18

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