Union Reminder on MOTs and Driving Licence Renewals

Farmers and crofters are urged to plan ahead

NFU Scotland is urging farmers and crofters to plan ahead when it comes to vehicle MOTs and driving licence renewals.  As Covid-19 restrictions are being unwound, there is the potential for backlogs around both.

Vehicle MOT extensions, granted due to the closure of testing centres during lockdown, are now being lifted and farmers and crofters are being urged to check the MOT status of their vehicles on the UK Government website.

Similarly, members are also being asked to check the renewal date for their driving licences. Due to disruption caused by COVID-19, members are being told not to rely on a receiving a reminder from the DVLA to renew your licence due to reduced staffing levels in issuing offices.

NFU Scotland’s transport helpline has been receiving calls on these issues and the message is to plan ahead.

Chairman of NFU Scotland’s Legal and Technical Committee, Tom French said: “The implications of being caught out, whether it is a delay to getting your MOT or renewing your licence, will introduce yet more disruption and potential delays to getting on with the day job, especially during this busy period of silage, harvest and sales.

“This is a gentle reminder to check your driving licence renewal date to see if a renewal date is looming and, if it is, then be proactive in getting it renewed.  Also, if needed, book your MOT in advance and to give plenty of notice to your garage to avoid disappointment.”  

Notes to Editors

  • In response to COVID-19, vehicles were given MOT extensions because test centres were required to close. As lockdown gradually lifts, some MOTs will be due for renewal. NFU Scotland has released a business guide for members about how this impacts cars, vans and motorbikes, and heavy vehicles as different rules apply. Members are advised to check when their MOTs are due online ( and contact their test centre/ garage in plenty of time to provide as much notice as possible.
  • Members are also being asked to check their renewal date for their driving licences. A photocard licence must be renewed every 10 years and, for those 70 and over; a licence must be renewed every three years. Different rules apply for a 5-year bus or lorry licence. You can renew your licence in the Post Office, by post, or online via the UK government website. Due to postal delays and social distancing, it is recommended those who can renew their licence online do so.  This is also the cheapest way to renew your licence.

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Author: Bob Carruth

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News Article No.: 101/20

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