Union to Set Out Good Food Nation Vision

NFUS to work with others to deliver ‘real and lasting change’

NFU Scotland is setting out its vision for what must be included in the Scottish Government’s Good Food Nation Bill and asking other stakeholders to be joint signatories to ensure that the Bill will deliver real and lasting change.

In its ‘Programme for Government’, the SNP announced a renewed commitment to bring forward a Good Food Nation Bill.  The aspiration is that Scotland becomes a country where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they buy, serve, and eat day by day.

Food and drink impacts all of society and it is the jewel in Scotland’s economic crown.  A flagship sector, the value of food and drink has grown to £14.4 billion per annum, now surpassing every other sector – with new targets to more than double in value by 2030.

The Union believes the Good Food Nation Bill should:    Promote the value of Scottish produce; Enhance the reputation of Scottish food on a global stage; Encourage and incentivise the public sector to source local; Help people build a healthy relationship with food through improved education about where food comes from and how consumers can make healthy, homegrown choices.

NFU Scotland Chief Executive Scott Walker, who sits on Scotland Food and Drink’s Executive Board said: “A nation which aspires to value good food must be one which values the production of that food.  Whatever ‘good food’ means to an individual, I’m sure it starts with where it comes from and how it’s produced. Scottish produce is world-leading for environmental sustainability, welfare standards and, of course, taste.

“Farming, Food and Drink impacts all of society and it is the jewel in Scotland’s crown.  We have a target to double the size of the industry by 2030 and, in doing this, we need to ensure that all parts of the supply chain thrive and that the people of Scotland also see the benefit.

“The challenge can’t be underestimated.  We need to fix what is a broken supply chain and ensure that fair, equitable returns are had by all.

“The Good Food Nation Bill provides an opportunity to promote the value of Scottish produce, enhance the reputation of Scottish food on a global stage, improve procurement practices to source more locally, and to build a healthy relationship with food.

“Our document sets out a range of proposals on how Scottish Government could assist the whole supply chain in coming together to achieve these goals. We look forward to developing this positive discussion with other industry stakeholders and policy-makers in the coming year.”


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Author: Bob Carruth

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News Article No.: 189/17

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