Union Urges Farmers to Apply for Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme

Deadline for applications is 31 December 2016

Farmers are reminded to apply for the Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme ahead of the 31 December deadline.

Applications for the scheme can be made online through the rural payments website or on paper. There are no changes to the scheme for 2016 so farmers who were in the habit of claiming should continue.

In 2017, changes will be introduced to make all dual purpose breeds eligible. It is important to note that any eligible animal born after 2 December 2014 that has fulfilled the requirements of the scheme can be claimed, even if they have been sold or died. This means dual purpose farmers whose cattle become eligible in 2017 can back date claims for calves born since the scheme opened.

The Union understands that the Scottish Government intendeds to also amend the rules in 2017 so calves whose mothers are milked will no-longer be eligible.

NFU Scotland’s Livestock Committee Chairman Charlie Adam said: “We are keen for all farmers who are eligible for the scheme to make their applications before the deadline at the end of the month.

“If you are uncertain about your eligibility then I would urge you to contact your local department office.
“As farm prices are squeezed this coupled support payment is vital for Scotland’s beef producers. Beef production is expensive and this scheme helps target money to farmers who are incurring the costs.

“As Brexit develops we need to maintain our iconic beef industry. These payments offer support which helps to underpin our cattle numbers. This is going to be key if we are to take full advantage of new opportunities.”


Contact Ruth McClean on 0131 472 4108

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