Union Urges Those Receiving Loan Scheme Letters to ‘Opt In’ to Payment Offer

Scottish farmers and crofters have started to receive loan scheme offer letters from Scottish Government and NFU Scotland is urging recipients to ‘opt in’.

The 2020 National Basic Payment Support Scheme (NPBS) offers recipients the opportunity to receive up to 95 percent of their Basic Payment Scheme and Greening payments in advance.

Around 17,300 businesses are expected to receive a loan offer and around 16,000 letters are in the first round.  Those looking to accept the offer and receive payment without delay are asked to respond by 4 September and, as with previous loan schemes, the ‘opt in’ acceptance is simple and can be completed by email or by post.  All payments will be made in sterling.

NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick said: “The announcement that the vast majority of Scotland’s farmers and crofters can access up 95 percent of their BPS and Greening payments from September this year will add certainty and stability across Scottish agriculture and the wider rural community at a time of great change.

“Previous loan schemes have provided an invaluable boost to the rural economy each autumn, stimulating investment in farms and crofts across the country. This year, as we recover from Covid-19, the scheme will also provide much-needed cash flow ahead of an unknown winter that will undoubtedly be dominated by Brexit.

“The ability for Scottish Government to bring forward this loan scheme several weeks earlier than previous loan schemes is also testament to the commitment and hard work undertaken by farmers and crofters, Scottish Government officials and SGRPID staff in sticking to the 15 May SAF application deadline, despite the unprecedented circumstances this year.

“I would urge all to opt into this year’s scheme and to do so by email where possible to ensure payments are processed and made as soon as possible.”  


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Author: Bob Carruth

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News Article No.: 106/20

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