Union Welcomes Crofting Law Review Report

CroftNFU Scotland has welcomed the publication of a review into the priorities for crofting law reform.

The report, compiled by the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee, follows sessions held in the autumn, at which NFU Scotland gave evidence.

NFU Scotland has previously insisted that the legislation surrounding crofting must be fit for modern crofting practices, something that is reflected in the report.

Sandy Murray, NFU Scotland’s Crofting Highlands and Islands Committee Chairman commented: “We welcome this report into the priorities for crofting law reform.  It will help the Scottish Government with its plans for reforming crofting law legislation to ensure it is fit for modern-day crofting, and that is something which we fully support.

“However, reforming the legislation is only a small part of what is needed to take crofting forward in Scotland. The work that NFU Scotland has been doing, along with the Crofting Stakeholder Forum, on the other priorities for crofting includes common grazings, crofting development, supporting new entrants, affordable housing and support payments for crofters.  That work is still ongoing and the need for a strategic approach and a National Development Plan are imperative.

“Any new Crofting Act should not be rushed through.  It needs to be well-thought out and crofters fully consulted to avoid any late amendments that are not supported by crofters being added.

“Just this week NFU Scotland held a workshop with members of the Scottish Government’s Crofting Bill Team to highlight the issues and concerns that our members have. This ranged from differentiating between inactive and active crofters, and also how we ensure the use and management of common grazings.

“We look forward to working further with the Scottish Government as it responds to the recommendations in the report and takes steps to address them.”  

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