Waygo Warning as Amnesty Enters Final 12 Months

Union and Davidson & Robertson announce new ‘waygo’ helpline

For landlords and tenant farmers, NFU Scotland has issued an urgent reminder that the window of opportunity to make use of the ‘waygo’ amnesty is closing.  

The amnesty, which started in June 2017, allows landlords and tenants to rectify any outstanding issues around notification of tenants’ improvements which should qualify for compensation when the tenancy comes to an end – a process known as waygo.  

With the amnesty just starting its final year, NFU Scotland has announced a new service for members to help them engage with this process.  NFUS members will be able to take advantage of a new free helpline service established with rural surveyors and consultants Davidson & Robertson which launched at the first day of the Highland Show today (20 June).

For members seeking help with this, the number to call is 0131 449 6212.

NFU Scotland and Davidson & Robertson will be hosting a Waygo Amnesty event on Friday 28 June at Carloonan Farm, Inveraray from 1pm -3pm.

Vice President Charlie Adam said: “Time is marching on and it is apparent that many tenants and landlords have still to take advantage of the waygo amnesty, even though it is scheduled to end in June 2020.   If they want to ensure fair compensation for investments made during a tenancy, then I urge them to start that process as soon as possible.  

“We recognise there may be uncertainty about the amnesty process and if members need advice, then the helpline is there to assist.  It demonstrates our ongoing support for the tenanted sector and will help underpin our work going forward as we strive to bring all aspects of let land together in more a collaborative approach to the future.”

Davidson & Robertson Director, George Hipwell said: “As rural surveyors and consultants with offices across Scotland, we are delighted to be teaming up with NFU Scotland to offer this service to their membership in connection with the tenants’ amnesty process.

“The amnesty is now in its final year and presents a one-time-only opportunity for both landlords and tenants to properly record improvements implemented.

“With less than 12 months remaining to complete the amnesty process, we would encourage eligible tenants and landlords to take this opportunity. The partnership between D&R and NFU Scotland offers a practical way for members to take advantage of the remaining time window before the deadline of 12 June 2020.”

Notes to Editors

  • The NFU Scotland ‘waygo amnesty’ helpline for members is 0131 449 6212. More information on Davidson & Robertson is available on its website at
  • During the passage of the Land Reform Act, NFUS and others lobbied Scottish Government for a ‘waygo amnesty’, which was successfully transposed into the Act. 
  • The waygo amnesty is a period which gives agricultural tenants the opportunity to advise their landlord of improvements which they have carried out on their holding. As a landlord can only charge rent on what he has provided, any improvements carried out by a tenant should attract compensation at waygo (exit of tenancy) but to do so these must be properly notified to the landlord in the first instance. For various reasons, agricultural tenants have not always registered improvements and the amnesty is to allow them the opportunity to rectify this.  The three-year waygo amnesty ends in June 2020 and if agricultural tenants do not use this, and have not registered, they risk not being fully compensated at waygo. 
  • A photograph of representatives of Davidson & Robertson; Scottish Land Commissioner Bob McIntosh joining NFU Scotland as it launched a new service encouraging tenant farmers and land owners to take up the ‘waygo’ amnesty is available on request from 
  • NFU Scotland and George Hipwell of Davidson & Robertson will be hosting a Waygo Amnesty event on Friday 28 June at Carloonan Farm, Inveraray from 1pm -3pm. This will be followed at 4pm by offering free one-to-one surgeries with George.  More information from Lucy Sumsion on 

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