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Vice President's Blog - 10 January 2020

As farmers and crofters head into the future, we must use 2020 as a launchpad to positivity and common sense about our industry, writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Vice President's Blog - 9 December 2019

With all the continuing uncertainty facing farmers and crofters right across Scotland, we are very fortunate to have a fantastic organisation we can turn to when things start to get too much writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Vice President's Blog - 18 October 2019

I've often said that where we are in Scotland in terms of both the quality of products we produce, and also the standards they’re produced to, puts us in pole position when it comes to sustainable agriculture and being part of the solution when it comes to climate change. This is something that we should be proud of but don't, as yet, get recognition for.



Vice President's Blog - 27 September 2019

To say last week’s North American/European Union farming conference in Copenhagen was an opportunity to understand what farming is like in other parts of the world is a huge understatement writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Vice President's Blog - 18 September 2019

Agriculture throughout the UK is long overdue some well-deserved recognition for all it provides but is also in desperate need of a revamp of future policy said Vice President Martin Kennedy when he addressed a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth this week.



Vice President's Blog - 30 August 2019

The dial has now shifted the possibility of the UK exiting the EU without a deal from ‘possible’ to ‘probable’ writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Vice President's Blog - 14 August 2019

The BBC nationally need to take a real good look at themselves and start reporting the real facts in a balanced manner instead of misrepresenting views and reports writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Vice President's Blog - 10 July 2019

Appreciate us or lose us. That’s the message from Vice President Martin Kennedy as he uses his blog to highlight the uphill battle Scotland’s farmers and crofters are facing trying to continue to provide a public good while being met with constant pressure.



Vice President's Blog - 14 June 2019

Opening the farm gates to the public – I’ve got the bug writes Vice President Martin Kennedy.



Vice President's Blog - 19 April 2019

Writing in between spreading loads of lime, I believe Scotland is in a good place when it comes to soil health but we could do more writes Martin Kennedy.


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About The Author

Martin Kennedy

Martin Vice President of NFU Scotland and is a tenant farmer in Highland Perthshire and farms with his wife Jane and three daughters, Jillian, Katrina and Yvonne. They have 600 ewes and 60 cows on the farm rising from 800ft to over 2,500ft. Martin served two years as Highland Perthshire branch chairman, before representing East Central region on the LFA committee in 2009. Martin then went on to be vice chairman then chaired the committee for three years. He has served as Vice President of NFUS for two years and is currently sitting on his third.

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