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New Health and Wellbeing Project Launches in Dumfries and Galloway

A new project which seeks to address the health and wellbeing issues facing the agricultural community in the Dumfries and Galloway area is being launched next week.



Stay Safe with Livestock

Many farmers and crofters never stop to consider why animals behave as they do and, more importantly, what this behaviour could mean to their personal safety. Animal-handling practices are often learned from watching others and from personal experiences growing up on the farm or croft.



Top Panel to Debate Brexit at Turriff Show

A leading panel of speakers from across the UK will debate the impact of Brexit at a major event in North East Scotland on Monday, 31 July.



The Rise and Falls of Farm Safety – Day 3 Farm Safety Week

Contrary to the popular image of fresh air and peaceful surroundings, a farm is not a hazard-free work setting. Every year, thousands of agricultural workers are injured and too many die in farming or crofting accidents. In fact, despite the promising news that there is some behavioural change occurring in the industry, agriculture continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK.



Putting Safety in the Driving Seat

In recent years, work-related fatalities in the UK and Ireland’s farming industries have been disproportionate compared to the number of deaths in other industries, but Ednie Farms in Peterhead has taken measures to try and reduce this.



The Pub Landlord Calls Time on Risk Taking in Farming

As his alter ego, the nation's critically acclaimed bar-based-braveheart, The Pub Landlord, Al Murray has always been full of fantastic anecdotes and he knows how to tell a story. However, he has only now revealed his role in saving a young farmworker’s life when he was 12.



Secretary of State Brexit Speech Signals Change

NFU Scotland’s vision that puts Scottish agriculture at the heart of Brexit negotiations is continuing to build momentum following the Secretary of State Michael Gove’s speech today (21 July 2017).



President's Blog - 20 July 2017

With the combines appearing in the fields of many areas of Scotland, and as farmers and crofters go about their busy days, it is the perfect recipe for accidents to happen. Once again, we are supporting Farm Safety Week, taking place from 24 to 28 July, with Scottish farmers telling their stories and the mistakes they have made, but fortunately have recovered with time.



Union Secures Greening Rule Change Commitment From Scottish Government

NFU Scotland has secured a commitment from Scottish Government that several rules associated with the Greening element of farm support will be changed.



Free Cash Flow Surgery for NFUS Members

With the current financial climate continuing to prove challenging for farming and crofting businesses, and the need for agricultural businesses to plan ahead, a free cash flow surgery is being run for NFU Scotland members.


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